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About Topaz

About Topaz

Our firm commitment to craftsmanship begins with the planning process, the use of top quality materials and the attention to detail.

Ensuring the beauty & elegance of structures that will last you a lifetime.


Our aim is to ensure customer satisfaction by adhering to the following operational guides:

  • Time consciousness
  • Strength and durability of structures
  • Cleanliness and professional conduct through every project

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Most frequent questions and answers

We are licensed in the province of Ontario for relevant projects. We carry liability, disability and worker’s compensation insurance with total coverage of $2 million. Sure it may seem excessive; and yes, that policy was difficult and expensive to get, but we believe our clients should have complete peace of mind when we are working in their home.

This is difficult to answer, as different projects/structures in different parts of the house will cost varying amounts. E.g. If you are simply adding a retaining wall to improve drainage, the cost is lower than building a new driveway. To change the external perimeter of structures, engineers, permits and other processes may add to costs.

Once the concept and plans are completed and approved by you, Topaz Construction can provide an accurate price estimate.

Most direct replacement of old and worn out structures will not need consent or permits. A lot of exterior projects also don’t need permits. Laws vary for each province. We will let you know during planning of your project if permits or code inspections are required.

Yes. Topaz Construction provides one year warranty on workmanship depending on the structure/project.

It depends on the project. For basement floors, garage floors and most porches concrete is the best way to go. All other ground level structures can be either concrete or stone. However, using stone for outdoors ground level surfaces is smart because they are easy to repair or replace no matter the complexity of construction, unlike concrete that can be quite cumbersome and expensive to replace.

We do offer in-house finance for most projects.

High quality resin-based stains are available to extend the original look of your finished wood project.

Composite is in most situations the best material to use for decks and most outdoor wood projects. This is because of its high resistance to weather conditions and weathering. After many years they retain their looks and intrinsic quality unlike wood that starts to weaken and loose its lustre upon expose to weather elements.

Wood posts are consistent with the look of the rest of the wooden fence but metal posts offer some contrasts that is also appealing to most people. The advantage of metal post is that they at least five times the lifespan of even 6×6 wooden posts, thus the lifespan of the fence or deck.

We do our own demolition at a fraction of what a demolition company would charge. However, if the client wishes to hire a demolition firm or has already done so, we adapt to the work environment.

As long as the surface is level and properly prepared. We do not charge extra for the preparation and evaluation.

Limestone is always a beautiful option for steps. However, steps should be taken to make sure it doesn’t disintegrate within a short period after installation. If installed properly, it should last as long as any other stone finish.